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About Us

Welcome to Jitpo (which is based in Hong Kong), our team was established in 2016 and we're 3 years old now.

We love new tech and use Python (which is awesome & popular in Machine Learning and Big-Data aspect and provide fullstack solutions) as our main programming language. MongoDB (which classified as a NoSQL database program) as our Database, Webpack+Vue.js (API based, front/back-end isolation and APPs ready) as our Front-end framework. Our team members has extensive experience in various industries, so we could support various types of programming language: Node.js, Ruby-on-Rails, Swift, Kotlin, Applescript, Bash, Go, PHP 7 and etc..

Our Services

  • Website development:
    H5 presentation page, Single page app, Online store and etc.
  • Internal / Integrated System development:
    CRM, ERP, POS and etc.
  • VPS Hosting / Hosting management:
    CPanel/WHM Panel machine, DigitalOcean, Linode and etc.
  • Domain name registration, DNS parking and SSL Certificate setup:
    Unlimited subdomain, Global DNS server and Free/3rd party CA SSL Cert etc.
  • Mail service setup / management:
    Self-hosted mail server in Linux or Microsoft Exchange, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and etc.
  • LDAP and Microsoft AD (Active Directory) setup / management:
    Self-hosted Microsoft Windows Server/Linux Server, Cloud Linux / Microsoft Azure AD and etc.
  • APP development in Phone / Wearable devices (Native):
    iOS - Swift / Android - Kotlin
  • Fancy Design services:
    UI and UX Design with animation for Web (HTML5! not flash/gif) / APP in unique and fully customized
  • Marketing solutions:
    Global search engine registration, SEO, SEM (Google Ads) / EDM and et.c
  • Server Virtualization:
    Migrate to VMWare, Vagrant, Docker or setup Hybrid cloud and etc.
  • Network setup / management:
    Setup soft & hardware for new office, cabling, relocation and etc.
  • Web Accessibility solutions:
    Website, PDF or even a CMS (valid for WCAG 2.0 Level AA).
  • IT Consultant / Help desk supporting:
    Daily works, schedule backup, on-site service and etc.
  • Automation:
    Repetitive works (reporting, uploading), Data Migration, Data Scraping/Mining and etc.
  • Old-style Workflow digitization / revamp

We are also experienced in below listed integration:

  • Cross-platform desktop applications;
  • LMS H5 development (meet with Scorm standard);
  • SMS gateway;
  • IAP Servers;
  • PC Game modules;
  • IoT solutions (with Raspberry Pi);
  • Joint-computing;
  • Human-Readable logging;
  • Chat bot/Live chat widgets;
  • NLP with Traditional Chinese;
  • Serverless solution; and etc.

Get in Touch with Us

Have an idea in mind? Just feel free to drop us a line via:

+852 6642 8401



Join Our Team

We're looking for teammates who's awesome (maybe that's you please see the details and requirements as listed below:

  • You want to be a Programming Rockstar;
  • You love Mac / Linux;
  • You using Git;
  • You know how to program;
  • You never use a semicolon;
  • You work in the midnight and don't like to sleep;

Just a joke (let's start reading here.)


UI/UX Designer
(Remote work / Freelance)

  • Mastered Adobe illustrator
  • Mastered Adobe Animate CC or Hype.app
  • 2 years experience in Digital agency or related industry

Fullstack Developer [Senior Grade]
(Permanent / Remote work)

  • Mastered Git project management
  • Mastered Python (3.5 or above) or Node.js (LTS: Carbon)
  • Mastered MongoDB (3.4 / 4 or above)
  • Senior level in HTML5, CSS3 and Javscript (ES2015)
  • Experience in Swift / Kotlin
  • Experience in AJAX, JWT, Webpack 4 and Vue.js 2
  • 3-5 years experience in Web development or related industry

Front-end Developer [Senior Grade]
(Permanent / Remote work / Freelance)

  • Experience in Git protocol
  • Senior Level in HTML5, CSS3 and Javscript programming
  • Senior Level in AJAX, JWT, ASYNC, Webpack 4 and Vue.js 2 programming
  • Experience in Javscript (ES2015) or Coffee script, Socket.io
  • Experience in CSS modulization with SASS / SCSS or LESS
  • 2 years experience in Web development or related industry

Please send your CV to:

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